How to meet other photographers during your travels?

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Most people with a passion for photography have probably noticed that one has to make concessions when travelling with a group of people. Visiting a city with friends and wanting to stop to take that perfect photo can be disruptive to group activities. Maybe you missed a “golden hour” or another photo moment because the group you were travelling with, was already far ahead?

What would then be nicer than to meet up with other photographers during your travels? Here are some advantages:  

  1. You can share your passion for photography. It’s so nice to talk with other photographers about different camera’s, taken photos, angles from which photos are taken or settings used etc. You will never get bored!
  2. You can learn from each other, see how other photographers work, how they create balance in their lighting, which settings they use and how they compose their photos, may change your view on photography.
  3. Your travel companions will understand that you sometimes spend a bit of time to take that one shot. With a group of photographers, it is so much easier to stop frequently to take photos, without having to feel bad for slowing down the group.
  4. Other photographers will inspire you. When we are with other photographers, we are encouraged to get the best out of ourselves and our cameras. Take our best shot ever!

Ways to join a photography group

A good starting point may be your own group of friends or people you already know. Do you already have friends who also own a camera? If so, go out and take photos together!

Finding other photographers in your area is not always easy. You can search online, look for Facebook or Meetup groups, look for photography communities, local or online. You may also reach out to individual photographers on Instagram.

Most important, you need to find a safe and trustworthy way to get to know and interact with other photographer communities. As soon as you have found such a community, make sure you get involved, share your photos, ask or answer questions, leave positive comments. The more you interact, the more likely it is others will connect with you.

A great way to increase your network of photographers is  With Photo-Friend, you can connect with people who have the same appetite for photography and travel. Search for a photographer in your own country or contact a photographer at your holiday destination, send a direct message and make plans when and where to take photos together!   

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