About Photo Friend

Photo Friend is a recent start-up based in The Netherlands. We are photographers ourselves with a passion for taking photos, travelling and meeting new people .

Our platform will allow you to easily connect with other photographers, meet up, hopefully make new friends, take photos together and learn from each other.
When you discover the world through the eyes of a local photographer, you will not only visit a place, you will be part of it!

photographer sunset

We aim to create a network of over 2000 photographers by the end of 2022, which will give us an excellent base to grow further in and outside Europe in the years to come. For now, joining our network is completely free of charge, no hidden cost.

photographer city street

More about us in this blog!

What is Photo-Friend?

What is Photo-Friend?

Here at Photo-Friend, we love travelling, see new places and meeting new people. Combining travelling with our passion for photography, we normally check the internet…

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