Arsenal 2 – an introduction

The first Arsenal was launched in 2017; it was the first ai powered photography assistant. Many people got hooked on it, and it proved to be a major success, becoming the most crowd-funded camera gadget ever. And now the latest Arsenal 2 has been launched, completely altering how the photo is brought to life. It is a smart device and also a lot faster. It is also packed with amazing new features, all available at just one tap. Arsenal 2 is developed in such a way as to look for settings that will give the best possible photo. Once the photo is captured, it will fine-tune those settings by analyzing twenty-two factors. Like the original, Arsenal two also uses state-of-the-art machine learning to guide you in taking a great photo no matter the condition.

In Arsenal 2, we can see a huge improvement in how the photos developed. The introduction of Arsenal deep colour AI is better at capturing a scene’s vibe. Generate tones with a balance between drama and detail, and bring out colours that enhance the image without being excessive. The deep colour feature of arsenal 2 renders gorgeous images quickly using the combined power of AI and RAW. A time-consuming technique called photo stacking combines many photographs to create many fantastic pictures you see today. This takes only a few seconds using arsenal 2. High dynamic range scenes should be captured with all of their details. Maintain perfect focus throughout, and make lengthy exposures without spending money on filters. Additionally, you may stop moving objects from being in the shots using the new crowd control in arsenal 2.

Arsenal 2 enables you to swiftly construct multi-row panoramas when scenarios call for a broader field of view or greater details. With a new phone mount device from Arsenal, you can tap to take the final picture and watch your panorama develop in real-time. You won’t miss anything, thanks to Arsenal 2’s live panorama. You can see the panorama develop as you photograph using the Arsenal 2

Phone Mount attachment (available separately), which holds both Arsenal 2 and your phone. After finishing, crop the result so that it is ready for sharing. Even when the sun has set, photography doesn’t have to stop. However, nighttime photography is notoriously challenging. The new night assist in arsenal 2 makes taking night photos easier. It selects settings and automatically focuses on stars to take beautiful night photographs. Arsenal 2 is providing the most effective photography methods at your fingertips. Once you’ve taken the picture, you may watch it in its entirety on your phone and share your favourites.

The finest time-lapse tool in the entire world has finally been improved. It gives you a seamless day-to-night transition by automatically adjusting the exposure as the light changes. Even as your time-lapse is being recorded, you may view a high-definition preview of it. Crowd Control can automatically crop out people and other moving elements from your images by merging many shots. Taking crisp pictures is difficult. Arsenal 2 can automatically snap and blend several photographs taken at various focus points (at the lens’s sharpest aperture) to produce exceedingly clear images. A subject can be effectively isolated, and a complicated picture can be made simpler by soft clouds and calm water. ND filters are often pricey and necessary for long-exposure photography. By averaging the pixel values from several photographs, Arsenal 2 can create long exposures without using ND filters. It produces sharper images. Based on the lens and camera you’re using, as well as how they perform in various scenarios, Smart Assistant adjusts settings accordingly.

Arsenal’s accelerometer, mounted on top of your camera, can determine precisely how steady your camera is. It may select the ideal shutter speed to produce noise-free, crisp photographs. Full wireless control is available. You may use your camera in Arsenal 2 from up to 100 feet away. From your phone, tap to focus, alter the settings, watch a live preview, and capture the picture. Arsenal 2 can advance your photography whether you’re a pro who has mastered manual shooting or just got your first camera. Therefore, try improving your technique using Arsenal two before changing your equipment.

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