How does it work?

How does Photo Friend work?

Have you ever been searching the internet for the best angles to take a photo, when visiting a new city? Or trying to find the hidden gems for photography that are not mentioned in the guide books?


Maybe you missed a “golden hour” or another perfect photo moment because the group you were travelling with, was already far ahead? This sounds very familiar to us! For this reason, we created a network, allowing you to meet other photographers, close by and far away.

photo friend steps

No concrete plans yet to visit a new place, but do you still want to get in contact with someone? No problem!

Just send an invite/save his/her profile and contact this person later. And when someone initiates the contact with you, please show that person around in your own city. It’s a matter of giving and receiving!

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Follow the work of amazing photographers

The platform allows you to see the artwork of all the photographers registered and interact with their content. Discover new artists and photography styles by scrolling your feed.

More travel, more connections

The group feature is here to help you create connections with people who share the same interests or live or travel in the same places as you.

photo friend platform screenshot
photo friend platform screenshot

Search successfully on a specific location

Use the map to search for photographers within a certain region or city you are planning to visit. This makes it very easy to find a local photographer who you want to meet in person and take pictures together! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Photo-Friend is a recent start-up based in The Netherlands. We are photographers ourselves with a passion for taking photos, travelling and meeting new people. Our platform will allow you to easily connect with other photographers, chat, meet up, hopefully make new friends, take photos together and learn from each other. We are still small, but growing fast. We aim to create a network of over 2000 photographers by the end of 2022, which will give us an excellent base to grow further in and outside Europe in the years to come. 

Complete all fields, including a recent photo, some photos that you have taken in your hometown or during travels and are proud of. Write a few sentences about yourself.  Include hobbies, passions, areas your home is near to and why you enjoy photography.  Be as detailed as possible so when creating connections, the person viewing your profile can get to know you!

No, there isn’t. You can contact as many people as you like!

We are a start-up company with the aim to grow our network considerably over the next few years. That is why we have decided to reward early member. Anyone who signs up in 2022 will receive a one-year free subscription. After this one-year free membership, we will ask you to sign up as a paid member. This means your membership will not extend automatically. If you decide to stay as a paid member, you need to do this manually. The paid membership will be a small fee of EUR 25 yearly.  You can also decide to sign up for a 2-year or 3-year period, which will give you an extra discount.

Your membership automatically ends at the end date and is NOT automatically renewed! We will remind you per email that your membership is coming to an end and we hope that you by then have enjoyed our platform, got to know many other photographers and will decide to renew your membership with us.

During your free membership year, you can un-subscribe anytime you like. When you become a paid member after the initial year, you can decide to become a paid member for as little as EUR 25 per year. Within this period, you can un-subscribe anytime, so that other members cannot find your profile any longer on our platform. Your payment will still be due though until the end of your subscription period.

Photo-Friend respects the privacy of individuals in every aspect of our business operations. We maintain a commitment to protecting the personal information and confidentiality of members. Your personal information is only collected, used and disclosed by Photo-Friend in strict accordance with the regulations and requirements laid out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

We are always very happy to receive a message from you! It could be to give your feedback on your experience with our platform, a question about your subscription or profile, to submit a blog article that you think could benefit the community or your desire to partner with us. We will try and come back to you the same day. You can reach us by leaving a message on our website: or in following ways:
Whatsapp: 0031640585957

DO enjoy the advantages of our platform and network. Meet other photographers, get to know places from a local’s point of view, learn from each other and inspire each other. 

DO be responsive to requests you receive from other photographers!

DO provide feedback for your guest or host.  Our community relies upon you to do so!

DO NOT use this site for anything not related to photography.  Any spam, sales, or otherwise inappropriate messages will be deleted, and the user removed immediately.

DO NOT meet up or take photos at any location or host any photographer that you do not feel comfortable with. 

DO NOT use this site if you are under the age of 18.

Yes, you can! We do appreciate all the help we can get. Our aim is to reach as many photographers as we can to join our network. If you know anyone who may be interested in our platform, please send them our website address We are also eager to receive your blogs and are happy to publish those with your name and social media account (if you like us to). If you have any other idea on how you can support us, please send us a message and we will make sure to come back to you quickly!

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