What is Photo-Friend?

Here at Photo-Friend, we love travelling, see new places and meeting new people. Combining travelling with our passion for photography, we normally check the internet and look in guide-books for the right places to visit and to find out where nice photos can be taken.  When visiting the highlights we often end up with lots of other tourists, where we have to follow the crowd and queue in line for the right spot to take that one picture. It is great to visit a new place, but it gives an even better feeling to be part of a new place. Our platform, Photo-Friend will give you the opportunity to be part of a place, not just visit it. Here some more advantages of our service:

  1. The world at your feet. So many photographers in the world who do not know each other. Photo-Friend is an approachable and easy-to-use platform that aims to connect as many photographers as possible. Connect with photographers all over the world and share your passion!
  2. Visiting a new town, city, region or country, is great, we love it. Becoming part of this new place is even better. Meet with a local photographer who can show you the secret or less visited spots. No one knows a place better than a local! In this way, you are guaranteed to make better photos, be at the right place, at the right time and make that great photo.    
  3. Ever dreamt of an unlimited access to a network of photographers, who are willing to share their knowledge with you free of charge? Our network is a mixture of experienced and less experienced photographers, old and young, professionals and hobbyists. You learn from others and you might also be able to share your knowledge and experience with others.
  4. Get inside information. Taking beautiful photos is what we love, but getting background information from a local about the city you visit makes it extra special. Maybe the local photographer can also give you advice which great restaurant to visit that evening!  
  5. Most likely, you will also receive requests from photographers who are visiting your country or city. This gives you the chance to meet people who are interested in the place where you live. Show them around, your hospitality will be greatly appreciated!
  6. All local photographers will show each other around, free of charge, in their town or city because they are proud of the place they live in, because they enjoy meeting new people and love photography.

For now, joining our network is completely free of charge, no hidden cost. Join our community of passionate photographers now on www.photo-friend.com and start connecting!

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