9 tips for the best travel photography

travel photography

While travelling, you will find yourself very amused by the culture, the scenes, the food and the festivals of different countries around the world. To remember that sense of happiness, people tend to collect souvenirs that bring them back down memory lane even after years. Meanwhile, we photographers, like to capture the moment instead of picking something up as a souvenir. We freeze the moment and the feelings in a frame and keep it with us for the rest of our lives. Here are some tips to get the best travel photos.

Research before you leave:

Before you leave for your destination, you should know all about the best spots that the place has, along with the best time of the day to go to those spots and the angles that can fit that frame. Research about how early you can get there, which hour is the best to photograph, information like that. Learn about it from different blogs; gather the information from Instagram and Pinterest. Put all the images and themes you can think of capturing together so once you get there, you don’t waste your days looking for the spots and places.

Know your equipment:

One more thing you need to make sure of before you leave your house is how your equipment (Camera) works. Modern cameras come with some new and unique features that people do not discover for years after buying the camera. If you want to make the most out of your equipment and want your travel photography to be exceptional, you should know about your camera and the functions that it offers. Check the different filters it offers to take portraits and landscapes. Get comfortable with the different modes it has to produce one of the best shots you can capture.

Be smart about the routine:

While travelling, you should know that the earlier you wake up, the easier and merrier to photograph. Since the early sun with its warm tones can give you some fantastic shots. In addition to that, if you get up early, you can have the tourist spots primarily to yourself. The light warm tone of the morning, along with the soft blue and golden tones that the setting sun gives, will give you some extremely pretty shots. So make sure you wake up early and stay out there late.

Use the Rule of Thirds:

Travelling is all about innovative ways to capture your best work. You can start using the rule of thirds by turning on your grid feature and composing the most balanced picture. The idea behind is basically to split your photograph into different sections and adjust the best part of the scenery in the sections that you like getting the full picture in the frame. Make the most out of the basics of photography.

Capture the moment:

Different countries have different lifestyles. While some will give you the peace you require for the aesthetic shots, others will be overly crowded. If you keep waiting for the opportunity for the perfect shot to present itself, the chances are very low. Instead, go out of the way, think outside the box, and just be in the moment. Capture the essence of the country, get the lifestyle and work with it. Just go with the flow; that is what all travel photography is about. Make the opportunity for yourself and work with what is in front of you. Try bringing your creativity and capturing the spirit of the moment.

Bring out the creativity in you:

While you are capturing a scene, try being creative with it. Try out different camera angles, climb something for the highs, get down for the lows, or maybe just stand there for the straight. Try out different distances to get you working with the up-close then mid-range version, or maybe then a wide shot. Work with different compositions, play with the foreground or the background. Be unique, be different, and most of all, take your time and be creative.

Move along the Subject:

Since modern cameras come with exceptional features like zoom, people tend to choose a spot and simply just zoom in to capture the subject. One of the best tips that you can take with you is: don’t just stand there. Move along with the subject, get close or even far away, just find yourself a spot relative to the subject that gives you the ideal and the perfect shot of it. The more you try out different positions, the better you’ll understand the views and positions, or you might even find something more interesting to capture as a bonus.

Wander around:

After you have visited what you planned beforehand and checked the spots off the list you have made, you might as well just explore the city. Move around and get mixed with the locals. Walk down the streets and wander around the alleys. See how the locals live and what they do. You will be surprised at how much you see and capture. Explore the weirdest areas, get to the places and the spots people don’t usually go to. Just get around.

Carry the Ethics with you:

While you are travelling, you might as well keep in mind the fact that there are locals who are just going about their day and their normal regular lives. Some of them will be okay with you capturing them, but some of them can find this offensive. As you get some pictures up close or the portraits, it will be no harm in asking for consent. Just a gesture towards your camera with a smile will earn you respect and can give you consent too. 

This article can prove to be the perfect guide for you. It provides you with the tips that will aid you in capturing what you can call the best travel photography. I hope you find this article informative and helpful. For more informative articles like these, stay tuned!

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